Types of Windfalls | Clients, Windfall Services

windfall (wind' fol, -fôl') n. A sudden unexpected piece of good fortune or personal gain. See types of windfalls.

The transition period surrounding a windfall can be a time of difficult decisions, but it can also be a time of tremendous opportunity. Rheaume Williams Kalbfleisch can provide one-on-one counselling or, in the case of large corporate downsizing, seminars designed to enlighten and educate.

For the past 12 years, clients have appreciated our objective, unbiased analysis and have benefited from our experience gained from working with other people and companies in similar situations.

We realize that this time of transition can be very confusing. We simplify matters for you through the use of our proprietary forecasting methods that will show you the results of your various choices. Our clear, objective analysis -- we do not sell investment products nor do we receive commissions -- will allow you to make the decisions that are right for you.

And we know the rules -- whether it involves a timely tax waiver or an income-splitting plan -- so we can take a careful look at your current situation, determine the impact of the windfall and, based on that understanding, come up with a plan to best use that sudden influx of wealth. If it means bringing in other professionals such as portfolio managers, insurance professionals or offshore-tax experts, we can do that, too.

Perhaps you want to buy a business, pay down your mortgage, contribute to your RRSP, set up education funds for your children -- RWK can help you make the decision that's right for you. Using our own custom-designed forecasting model we can show you detailed scenarios based on real numbers that allow you to compare your options. A clear analysis means clear choices.