At Rheaume Williams Kalbfleisch, we do not help businesses -- we help people. We realize that there is a subtle, but significant difference.

Whether we are helping employers -- and employees -- deal with the fallout from workforce adjustments, giving advice on home-based businesses or assisting new high-tech start-ups, we realize that we must help our clients deal with tax, cash-flow and wealth-creation issues from both a business and a personal perspective. No matter what the business type, that never changes.

Government rightsizing combined with the explosion of growth within the high-technology sector has opened up a host of new opportunities in the ever-changing business landscape in the National Capital Region, a landscape that is reflected in the clientele here at Rheaume Williams Kalbfleisch.

As just a few examples, we have assisted:

  • Athletes
  • Commission salespeople
  • Developers
  • Executives
  • Small-business owners
  • Home builders
  • Franchise owners
  • People with offshore holdings
  • Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, dentists
  • Stockbrokers
  • Writers

and others who work in sectors and businesses such as:

  • Advanced technology
  • Career-transition counselling
  • Construction
  • Consulting (computer support, government policy, business development and others)
  • Desktop publishing
  • Executive recruiting
  • Real-estate development
  • Automobile Service
  • Graphic design
  • Housing
  • Financial investments
  • Investment holding
  • Manufacturers
  • Outplacement services
  • Pharmacies
  • Printing
  • Service industries such as restaurants
  • Retail
  • Software and hardware development and manufacturing
  • Special events
  • Travel and tourism
  • Training
  • Wholesale food distribution

At Rheaume Williams Kalbfleisch, we have the breadth and depth of experience necessary to deliver the advice you need.